The Power Of Sound

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them make great radio. For their brand film we wanted to get to the heart of what ReelWorld and their customers really care about…the power of sound.

Client: ReelWorld

The brand film

The brand film showcases a series of scenarios which communicate the power of sound through both personal emotion and audible stimulation. We’re a fly on the wall during a sequence of private moments people have with sounds and music. Acting as a metaphor for what inspires ReelWorld; all these sounds / inspirations come together to bring us great radio content.


We see sound / music inspiring a range of people in all sorts of situations and locations, building from subtle to grand influences and concluding to bring us to a radio listener at home. The audio builds from quiet to a full and rich soundtrack, layered by all the visual elements we’ve seen in the video, the track reaches a peak and is then ‘sucked’ down into the radio speaker.