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Caleb Folan


A sportsman turned massage therapist wanted a visual identity that didn’t just look good but felt good. Caleb’s vision was very much intertwined with our ideas to help launch this venture with the development of the brand and a film.


The brand identity was born out of the similarities of massage and calligraphy techniques. Caleb explained to us that variance of pressure in drawing a brush stroke for the Chinese character for the number 1 felt akin to that of finding and relieving tension within the body. We created a range of brush stroke marks to use throughout the visuals and made sure to include a sense of offset harmony throughout. We often seek massage for correction and to reset physically, so it felt natural to intentionally misalign elements of the designs, but in a way which still felt ‘right’.


The brand film took on a life of it’s own taking cues from Caleb’s personal narrative. We started the process by interviewing Caleb and listening to his story and used this as a base to craft a film which encompassed him. A script was built around this interview and the visuals were chosen to echo the vibe of Caleb’s intentions and motivations for turning his hands, literally and metaphorically, to massage therapy.