The Hummus & Pita Bar

Tasty vegan food with a cheeky edge, Humpit love the innuendos and so do we…a match made in heaven, Whitebox have helped to bring their brand to life and spruce up their new locations as they expand.

Client: Humpit Hummus & Pita Bar

The Humpit World

Naturally, we thought that humanising all of Humpit’s ingredients and delicious offerings would be a fantastic idea…and who doesn’t love a cheeky little pickle right? From mischievous falafel men to an illustrious mint leaf we created a whole Humpit world of shenanigans and used these little dudes to adorn their packaging and limited edition t-shirts.

What’s a Humpit?

Starting with an idea born from our own experience with the brand we made a video to help potential customers get a feel for what a ‘Humpit’ really is. Whenever we told friends or colleagues we were ‘off for a Humpit’ for lunch, we were almost always met with the question ‘What’s a Humpit?’. Keeping the fun personality of the brand we chose a bunch of visual metaphors, with a few raw ingredients thrown in, to tell the story instead. From an awesome afro hair-do to a dog in a tutu, the video should hopefully give you a feeling of what Humpit is all about and also tempt you to try it out for yourselves.

Wanna Humpit more?

From packaging to flyers we’ve been getting busy 😉 developing packaging for Humpit’s new take away range of tahina cookies and their signature Amba sauce we wanted to keep the visual style consistent with the brand; casual, fast and to the point utilising the messy swash style that you can find in their logo. WhiteBox also got involved in launching their latest product, the Hummus-Shake (yeh that’s what we thought at first, but it’s actually an unexpected little taste bomb). Complete with label design, marketing materials and a video you can now try the beautiful oddity yourself in stores.