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Our friends at The Firm, a leading independent music production house, were launching a new arm which gave commercial artists the opportunity to create sync music without revealing their identity. They asked us for a video, but we had other ideas and gave their new venture a brand personality which matched the original concept and y’know…that video they asked us for.

The alter ego for high profile artists.

Removing the O’s from the logomark enabled us to signpost the anonymity of the brand without damaging the legibility too severely. Mirroring this level of censorship with the visuals and the video we recognised that the artist is what makes music unique. So the artists are still featured, but are just difficult to identify; keeping in line with the ethos of the brand. By obscuring just the faces, we hint at who these people are without revealing their facial identities…this way we get a sense of who they are but ultimately our attention is still re-directed to the music.