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Caleb Folan

A sportsman turned massage therapist wanted a visual identity that didn’t just look good but felt good. Caleb’s vision was very much intertwined with our ideas to help launch this venture with the development of the brand and a film.


Our friends at The Firm, a leading independent music production house, were launching a new arm which gave commercial artists the opportunity to create sync music without revealing their identity. They asked us for a video, but we had other ideas and gave their new venture a brand personality which matched the original concept and y’know…that video they asked us for.


Tasty vegan food with a cheeky edge, Humpit love the innuendos and so do we…a match made in heaven, Whitebox have helped to bring their brand to life and spruce up their new locations as they expand.

Renaissance Arts

The young but up and coming UK dance college, Renaissance Arts, wanted to inject a bit of style and consistency to their brand. They also had two sister companies specialising in music tuition and pre-college dance talent whom both needed a brand presence too.


Working with the likes of Rolex this luxury wooden flooring company decided it was time for a brand refresh. Without alienating their current customer base Turgon wanted an update and we helped them craft a more modern version of their existing style.


With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them make great radio. For their brand film we wanted to get to the heart of what ReelWorld and their customers really care about…the power of sound.